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Articles are accepted for publishing on the understanding that these contain original unpublished work, not submitting the publishing anywhere else..

Contributions should be sent by email to Dr. Anish Kumar Verma, Research Discourse - An International refereed Research Journal (anish.verma242@gmail.com, researchdiscourse2012@gmail.com).

Papers are reviewed on the understanding that they are submitted solely to this Journal. If accepted, they may not be published elsewhere in full or in part without the Editor-in-Chief’s permission.

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Research Discourse ISSN 2277-2014(Print): An International Refereed Research Journal.

Title: This title should include the manuscript, full names of the authors, the name and address of the institution from which the work originates the telephone number, fax number and e-mail address of the corresponding author. It must also include an exact word count of the paper.

Abstract: This file should contain a short abstract of no more than 120 words.All color; black and white images should be saved and supplied as TIFF, GIF, EPS, Power Point or high-quality JPEG files to a minimum of 300 dpi. Image: You can mail the images less than 5 MB. But the images that exceed 5 MB must be converted in PDF or be send as several separate files. Correspondence to (Name, Title, Department, Institution, Address, City, ZIP/Postal Code, Country, E-mail). This person is the formal Corresponding Author as denoted on the title page of the manuscript.

Write the manuscript: Even if you’ve blocked out several months to work on the project, you’ll probably find the project will take more time than you anticipated. Most authors do not have the luxury of concentrated blocks of time, so be realistic in your estimate.In fact, if this is your first book, it is a good idea to estimate one year for all the activities associated with writing a book. If you finish sooner, you can surprise yourself and the acquisitions editor with this accomplishment.

References References should be listed alphabetically at the end of the paper, giving the name of journals in full. Authors must check that references that appear in the text also appear in the References and vice versa. Title of book and journals should be italicised

Manuscript:This file should contain the main body of the manuscript. Paper should be between 5 to 10 pages in length, and should include only such reviews of the literature as are relevant to the argument. An exact word count must be given on the title page. Papers longer than 10 pages (including abstracts, appendices and references) will not be considered for publication. Undue length will lead to delay in publication. Authors are reminded that Journal readership is abroad and international and papers should be drafted with this in mind.

Time to prepare the manuscript for delivery to SARDI. Most publishers have specific rules for manuscript submissions. SARDI’s manuscript submission guidelines describe how to name your chapter and figure files; what formats, style, and tone of writing you should use, and what types of files SARDI can use in the production process. Preparing your manuscript for submission takes time, so build manuscript preparation time into your master plan.

Book Publication with ISBN from SARDI

SARDI publication has a standard process for reviewing, approving, and publishing books. The journey from idea to published book begins from 2007 with a formal book proposal. After SARDI Publication accepts a book proposal, it issues a publishing contract and a manuscript delivery date, which is agreed upon by SARDI publication and the author. After the author delivers the final manuscript, SARDI Publication assigns an editor to edit the book. When editing is completed, a team of talented designers, graphic artists, and proofreaders work to turn an edited manuscript into a published book. The following describes SARDI publication’s book publishing process in detail. Writing a book is a time-consuming process. Most authors underestimate the time it takes to research and write a book, even if they have most of the materials, or are experts in the subject matter. The following tips will help you in the book writing process:

PROCESS: Most books that SARDI publication publishes begin with a book proposal from an author. A book proposal describes and outlines the main ideas of the proposed book and the reason that the author thinks the marketplace needs the book. The book proposal also includes a comprehensive table of contents, a formal introduction, and a completed first chapter. If you are interested in presenting a book idea for consideration, here are the seven steps of our process for evaluating book proposals:

SARDI ’s Publication Duration

SARDI needs an average of six months to take a completed final manuscript and turn it into a printed book. However, before the manuscript enters this 12 month production period, the acquisitions editor evaluates the manuscript to ensure that it reflects the promise of the original book proposal. The acquisitions editor may ask the author to add material, delete material, or make changes to the final manuscript based on an initial reading of the manuscript and/or on comments provided by an SME or other internal/external experts. This process normally takes one month. It is important to note that it is the author’s responsibility to deliver an acceptable manuscript. Our contract states that if an author is unable to produce an acceptable manuscript within a specified time, it will be the author’s responsibility to pay an outside editor to rework the manuscript or opt not to continue with the project.Once the acquisitions editor deems a manuscript complete and accepts it, the acquisitions editor passes the manuscript to the development editor who, along with a copyeditor, works with the author to further develop and copyedit the manuscript. Development and copyediting the manuscript takes one to two months and often requires further work by the author to finely hone sections of the book or to provide more information if needed. In addition, it is the responsibility of the author to collect permissions for quotes or any other materials from previously published works. Prepress work (typesetting and proofreading) and printing/binding the book takes three months. During the prepress stage, the author may be called on to verify information or answer content questions to ensure complete accuracy of the manuscript.